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Barbados is a beautiful island and a popular tourist destination with a fantastic climate.  Sadly, the plight of its stray and feral cats and kittens is not so sunny. Cat Care Barbados aims to meet the urgent welfare needs of the many homeless, hungry and abused cats on the island.

About Us

Cat Care Barbados is a new organisation created to care for the welfare of stray,
abandoned and feral cats on Barbados.

B arbados has a growing population of homeless and hungry cats and kittens.  The problem is often commented on by visitors to the island. These cats need feeding, neutering, veterinary care and, most of all, they need loving homes. Cat Care Barbados will play an increasingly important role in meeting these needs.

The cats are homeless for a variety of reasons; some have been put out onto the street, have suffered ill treatment, or have been left behind in a house move, abandoned, hungry, confused and frightened.

Others have never had homes and wait quietly near the fishing areas and restaurants, hoping to get a few scraps. These cats may have little trust in people, so kindness and compassion are key to building the cats’ confidence in humans. 

There are some fantastic individuals quietly caring for homeless cats, feeding, trapping and neutering them.  We are bringing these wonderful people together to make an even greater difference for cats, supporting them, and sharing information and resources such as cat traps. 

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Can you join us & give a little of your time?


Our central role is as a main contact point where people can report cats in need or distress.

Cats don’t always have a great reputation in Barbados and cat abuse is not uncommon. We aim to change this through education, publicity and happy outcomes.


Cats gather in certain areas such as fish markets, ports, near restaurants and shopping centres.  We aim to run regular feeding and watering points at these locations.  Through developing this regular contact between cats and humans, we are improving cat health.

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Once cats are trapped their health is assessed and any medical problems attended to.  Then, where necessary, cats are neutered, so preventing the constant increase in the population of homeless and feral cats.  Cats suitable for re-homing are fostered with volunteers.


Cats enjoy the security and companionship of trusted human friends.  The best outcome for many cats will be to find a loving home where their needs are met.  Do get in touch if you are ready to make a commitment. All cats for re-homing will be microchipped  in case they stray.


Barbados has some wonderful organisations such as The Ark, Hope, PAWS and RSPCA.  There are also some fantastic individuals working alone and making a huge difference to cats.  Working with and supporting others who care about cats we can make a real difference.

Help & Donate

Cat Care Barbados has no paid staff and is run entirely by volunteers.

Donation info

We need cat lovers like you perhaps to feed and water cats, answer the phone, raise funds, foster a cat. If you can help in any way, please get in touch.

We desperately need funds for:



BB$ 30 /£10 UK will feed a cat for a week



Microchipping: BB$ 30 / £10 UK
Neutering: BB$ 70 – 250 / £80 UK


For cats awaiting re-homing


BB$ 150 / £50 UK


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Barbados to UK: 011 44 1438 716733
UK: 01438 716733